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Changing our lifestyles one step at a time

Member Survey

Changing our lifestyles one step at a time

Member Survey

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What is the most important factor that makes you want a more healthy lifestyle?
The healthier I am while I am still young will add to my being healthier as an older adult. Kinda like how they say "quitting smoking adds days/weeks/months to your life".

What currently works for you in maintaining your healthy lifestyle?
I attend an aerobics/kickboxing class 3-4 days a week.

What is it that you feel could use more work?
Drinking more water, and I'm currently working on that. I need to develop a healtier appetite, as my appetite is 75% non-existant. I would like to learn how to cook lighter meals.

**I feel that before we can make any HONEST lifestyle changes, we must first be able to love and appreciate who we are inside, so here are a little fun "me" questions for you to answer...

What is there about your personality that you like?
I am extremely sarcastic, and people remember me for my sarcasm. I like my sarcasm.

What is something that is uniquely you?
I'm not spontaneous, yet I'm spontaneous. How much more unique can you get than that? LOL!

What do you like to do once the adrenaline starts to flow?
Clean house. When the adrenaline starts to flow, I clean the house like a whirl-wind.
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