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Changing our lifestyles one step at a time

Fitness World....health tip of the day part 1

Changing our lifestyles one step at a time

Fitness World....health tip of the day part 1

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My local radio station goes to the local workout place (where my aerobics class is held) and they do various health tips, and today's was rather interesting.

They were talking about when you are forced to eat fast food (i.e. traveling, in a rush) you do infact have some healthier choices on the menus.

Today they discussed KFC and McDonalds.

KFC: If you eat here, have the mashed potatoes and gravy as the potatoes are not fried thus healthier for you even though they are made with milk and butter they are still not as full of calories and fat as fried potatoes are.

Also eat one piece of regular chicken rather than one piece of the extra crispy....extra cripsy isn't the only added extra to that piece of chicken....there is also added calories and fat.

Their potato salad is also a good alternative to french fries, as is their coleslaw.

McDonalds: Sometimes you are forced to eat breakfast on the run. If you stop at the drive through to grab a quick breakfast, opt for the McMuffin that has canadian bacon on it over the one that has sausage. The sausage bisquit has (around about) 500 calories where the one with canadian bacon has only (around about) 300 calories.

Chicken nuggets are also a good thing to order off their menu, and the dipping sauce is generally low in fat.

Tomorrow they will finish up this segment with some other wiser choices at the not so wise fast food joints.

**This is all coming off of my memory from hearing this on my drive into work this morning. So the calorie counts are round about figures.
  • Awesome. I was thinking last night that I need to have a healthy meal picked out at every place we eat so in a rush I cannot say a Big Mac.

    Last night I got home late and neither of us felt like cooking so we decided that Scott would go to subway to get us food. So I found a sub that was with in reason for my leftover calories. By the time Scott got there - Subway closed. So he went to Wendys and got me a grilled chicken sandwich. I will have to look up and see how many calories it is but that is probably much better than the Jr Bacon Cheeseburger I would normally get.

    Question - was it the chicken nuggets or the chicken selects? I don't eat chicken nuggets anywhere but I will eat McDonalds chicken selects (real white meat).
    • It was the chicken nuggets, I remember that well because I actually like those....it's one of the few things I'll eat at Micky D's.
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